Product Details

Haemostasis Line


HUMAN offers a broad range of commonly performed screening parameters for coagulation and fibrinolysis in liquid and lyophilized format. The assays are being performed to determine the risk of prolonged or excessive bleeding following surgery, childbirth or to determine the risk of a potential thrombotic event. Reagents include the following:

  • Thromboplastinliquid
  • Thromboplastin-SI
  •  aPTT-EL
  •  Fibrinogen
  •  Thrombin Time
  •  D-Dimer
  •  Antithrombinliquid

HUMAN's analyzers range from semi-automated instruments HumaClot Junior, HumaClot Duo and HumaClot Quattro to the fully automated benchtop analyzer HumaClot Pro.
One concept three instruments:

  •  TIC2+ Technology: Maximum assay measurement flexibility with clotting, chromogenic, immunologic and turbidimetric measurement
  • Latest LED technology with reference channel
  • Validated applications for HUMAN reagents preprogrammed
  • Guided workflow
  • Light protection cover with pipetting support
  • Durable and maintenance-free
  • Closed consumable system with smart card
  • Optional external sample barcode reader

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