Product Details

Environmental Sensors

Campbell Scientific, one of the leading manufacturer for over 50 years are internationally recognized in the measurement and control industry for producing accurate and dependable instruments and specialize in rugged, low-power systems for long-term, stand-alone monitoring and control.

We offer a broad range of sensors for environmental, water resource, research, and industrial applications. Our sensor product line includes.

  • Air Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensors
  •  All in one weather sensors
  •  Barometric Pressure sensors
  •  Ceilometers
  • Digital Cameras'
  • Dissolved Oxygen Sensors
  • Electrical Current Sensors
  •  Evaporation Gauges
  •  Freezing rain and ice detectors
  •  Fuel Mosisture and Fuel Temperature Sensors
  •  Global Positioning System (GPS) Sensors 
  •  Heat, Water Vapor, Carbon Dioxide Flux Sensors
  •  Leaf wetness sensors 
  • Lightning Warning Sensors
  •  PH Sensors 16. Preciptation Sensors 
  • Present weather Sensors 
  • Redox (ORP) Sensors
  • Snow Water Sensors
  • Soil heat flux Sensors 
  • Soil Moisture, Temperature and EC Sensors 
  • Solar Radiation Sensors 
  • Strain Gages 
  • Surface Temperature Sensors 
  • Trace Gas Analyzers
  • Turbidity Sensors 
  • Visibility Sensors 
  • Water Conductivity Sensors
  • Water Level, Stage and Flow Sensors 
  • Water Temperature Sensors
  • Wind Speed and Direction sensors


Dataloggers play a critical role in terms of measuring values. Some measurement devices are used to increase the number of terminals that data loggers can use, which enables them to measure more sensors or control more external devices. Other measurement devices offer additional capabilities that would otherwise be unavailable. Our product line includes 1. Dataloggers 2. Distributed Data Acquisition 3. Expansion Peripherals 4. Conversion Devices and Adapters

Wireless, remote, hard-wired or two way communication. Communication devices store and retrieve data acquired by data acquisition systems. These devices facilitate the accessibility, analysis, sharing, and reporting of data. Our available communication devices include both on-site and telemetry peripherals, which can be used in the same application for maximum flexibility, convenience, and reliability.

Reliable power supplies enable data acquisition systems to continuously acquire and process data. Because our components use minimal power, many of our systems can be run using sealed rechargeable or alkaline batteries. When you select a power supply for your system, you may choose a charge regulator (with either a built-in or separate battery) and a charging source (such as a solar panel or ac adapter). Your selections will depend on the site environment and the needs of your system.

Our sealed environmental enclosures help protect some of your station components from elements that may affect their ability to acquire and process your data. Our various structures and mounting equipment options help you group your components and physically support them for the continued optimal performance of your station.

Data acquisition software is used for a variety of purposes: to support data logger programming, enable communication between data loggers and computers or mobile devices, manage data files, and display data in graphical formats. More advanced users can add custom capabilities or interfaces with our SDKs (software development kits).

Our OEM products are intended for the use of our partners to integrate them into their own systems for their customers. Typically, these products can be ordered without a label or with a label customized to the partner or the solution needs.