Product Details

Machine Control Systems

Excavator – 3D X63i

  • Cut Grade Fast and accurate the first time
  • Cut to flat , Vertical and 3D surface
  • Bright, Easy-to-use Colour touch screen display
  • Fully upgradable system
  • Improves job safety
  • Brings efficiency and productivity to any jobs
  • Single or dual GNSS antenna for 6 blade control
  • Eliminates the need for front mounted mast and cables.
  • Superior performance for any tough or fine grading application.
  • Increased blade response
  • Accurate as-built data for volume and productivity reporting
  • Uses standard Topcon 3D-MC software
  • Swap components between other machines
  • Eliminates string lines throughout the job
  • Increase productivity by 50 % and more
  • High accuracy LaserZone covers the entire project
  • Provides precise vertical measurement for multiple machines and grade checks
  • Use up to four transmitters to extend work
  • Pave transitions, even though horizontal and vertical curves Works with existing Topcon GPS+ systems