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Total Stations

Total Stations

  • The GT arrangement of Robotic total stations is a cut-down, a superior arrangement that is prepared to impress today, yet still, develop with you into tomorrow. It works with efficient single operator robotic systems, the power of long-range reflectorless measurements, and capacity to perform as good as hybrid positioning systems.
  • Available models are – GT500 and GT-1000
  • GT series is best for Land Surveying, Civil engineering and Construction/Survey.
  • GT Series comes with Advanced UltraTec technology and TSsheeldTM global service.
  • GT series will have 5 years Guarantee.

High quality, high return!    

  •  Fast & Accurate & powerful EDM
  • 500m non-prism, 4000m prism range
  • Rugger & waterproof design
  • Reliable large volume internal memory
  • Easy access USB 2.0 memory
  • Angle accuracy 2” , 5”

Advanced design with superior technology

  • Ultra-powerful, Advanced EDM
  • 1000m non-prism, 6000m prism range
  • Rugger & waterproof design – IP66
  • Longest battery life-36 hours
  • Easy access USB 2.0 memory upto 32gb
  • Advanced Angle accuracy
  • Windows CE is ready in a light weight, Compact body
  • MAGNET field on board Application software
  • Fast and powerful reflector less EDM
  • Longlink data communication
  • Advanced angel measurement system – long lasting battery
  • Rugged and user friendly design
  • Angel accuracy – 1”, 2”, 3, and 5”


  • Worlds fastest
  • Ultrasonic motor and direct drive system
  • Worlds smallest
  • Redisgned to ultra-slim body
  • World first internet-connected total station
  • Integrated cellular modem, Total station now offers internet connectivity
  • Worlds lightest
  • Accomplished light weight 5.7Kg robotic station


  • Ultrasonic Direct drive motors
  • 30% smaller and lighter with more functionality
  • Advanced ultratrac Technology
  • Available in 2 model – GT-500 & GT-1000
  • Integrated Bluetooth and advanced longlink technology