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Clinical Chemistry Line


HUMAN offers a broad range of routine and special tests in a variety of package concepts. HUMAN’s multipurpose clinical chemistry assays for manual and automated testing use a variety of technologies for detection and quantification. The assay range comprises enzymes, substrates/metabolites, protein, electrolytes and trace elements with high precision and long stability. Complete kits contain the reagents as well as the necessary calibrators/standards, whereas reagent kits contain just the reagents. For more Information on Reagents:

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HUMAN clinical chemistry standards and calibrators are traceable to international reference materials or methods, allowing for comparable and reliable results. Calibrators and controls with defined values and ranges are available. For more Information on Calibrators and Controls Click Here

Compact semi-automatic clinical chemistry photometers are perfectly suited for small laboratories and as backup solutions. Each photometer offers different features for different requirements. For more Information on Photometers Click Here

HUMAN’s automated analyzer range features instruments suitable for entry-level to medium throughput automation. All automated analyzers are optimized for use with HUMAN reagents. Reagent refrigeration and continuous loading on the advanced analyzers ensure efficient operation.

Applications for HUMAN multipurpose and most immunoturbidimetric reagents are preprogrammed on the instruments. For Information on HumaStar 100 and HumaStar 200 Chemistry Analyzers Click Here

The HumaStar Systems

The HumaStar 300SR and HumaStar 600, are equipped with reagent cooling, barcode readers and washable cuvettes and are offered with validated applications which enable to run high quality system reagents with long shelf lives and onboard stabilities, ensuring the highest cost efficiency and result reliability.


HumaLyte Plus5 and HumaLyte Plus3 are cost-efficient solutions for rapid (< 1 minute) electrolyte testing including additionally (in HumaLyte Plus 5) calcium and pH in serum, plasma, whole blood or diluted urine. For more details Click Here.

The snap-in replacement technology of its self-contained reagent pack with enclosed waste cartridge ensures reduced exposure to biohazards.

  • Refillable electrodes
  • Auto calibration
  • Optional autosampler