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Laboratory Glassware and Consumables

We are the authorized distributor in Qatar for all VWR products range,we do keep Stocking  for Lab Glassware items for quick delivery purspose.

Beakers,Bottles.Burette,Condensors,Crucibles,Cylenders,Desicators,Distilling appratus, Extraction appratus ,Flasks,Funnel, Petridish,Pipettes, Tubes-Centrifuges,Test Tubes,Tube Culture media, All Glass distialltion Units,Quartz Beakers, TLC Jars,Porcelen Buchner Funnel,Glass filter holder.

We are the authorized distributor for VWR microbiology consumables its includes dehydrated, granular and ready to use media for a wide variety of applications in many different industries, including pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, dairy, environment and water control Labs. Dehydrated Culture media, Media Supplements, ,Culture media ready to use plates ,Culture media ready to use in Tube, Culture media in bottles, Contact Plate for Surface and Air Control, Hygiene monitoring Surface & Air Surface dips, air samplers, Water sampling bottles, Transport swaps, Samples Filtration ,Blenders etc

VWR- Certified Reference Materials (CRM) Standards according to ASTM and IP norms form Paragon Scientific Limited is recognized internationally as a world-leading producer, synonymous with quality, which is evidenced by the dual accreditation status they have from the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and from international standards ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17034.

1. Cloud & Point Standards- ASTM D2500 ,- ISO 3015, IP 219

2.  Density Standards- ASTM D4052, IP 365, ISO 12185

3. Distillation Standards- ASTM D86, IP 123, EN ISO 3405

4.Cloud & Pour Standards

5.  Multi-parameters standards ASTM D2162, ASTM D4052, IP 219, IP 309, ASTM D86, ASTM D93 PROCEDURE A

6. Flash point standards-Cleveland Open Cup ASTM D92

7. Flash point standards- Cleveland Open Cup ASTM D92

8. Flash point ABEL IP 170


10. Viscosity

11. Sulphur

Chromatography columns separate molecules within mixtures during gas or liquid chromatography. Filled with stationary phase compositions or chemical compounds, the prepacked options reduce the preparing time required. The vertical pieces are able to withstand extreme temperatures and pressure fluctuations experienced when the mobile phase is forced through the medium. Meet preparative and analytical laboratory procedures with the chromatography columns to separate dissimilar moving components based on individual solvent polarity, composition, and size. Hi-Chrome - GC,HPLC,IC Columns ,Rubber Septa, Sryings, glass tight sryings ,glass liners, auto sampler , Head Space vails, vails crimpers etc.