Product Details

Elisa Line

The HUMAN ELISA line of reagents and analyzers offers unique solutions for all sizes of laboratories from low to high throughput.

ELISA Reagents: HUMAN ELISA reagents incorporate more than 100 assays for the detection of

  • Infectious Diseases
  • Hormones
  • Tumor Markers
  • Allergy
  •  Autoimmune Diseases

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HUMAN ELISAs are easy to use and flexible in automation. The HUMAN family of fully automated ELISA analyzers provides best solutions for medium to high volume laboratories:

  • Elisys Uno: 1 Plate Fully Automated ELISA Processor 
  • Elisys Duo: 2 Plate Fully Automated ELISA Processor
  • Elisys Quattro: 4 Plate Fully Automated ELISA Processor

On the lower throughput end, HUMAN’s ELISA line is completed with basic ELISA equipment for smaller laboratories or esoteric parameters:

  • HumaReader Line: For Single-strip and high-speed plate reading
  • Washer and Incubator: Automatic microtiter plate washer, shaker and incubator

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