Product Details

Hematology Line


HUMAN's automated hematology (CBC) line of products is designed for small to large laboratories and ranges from 30 to 80 samples throughput per hour. HUMAN offers both, 3-part (HumaCount 30TS and HumaCount 80TS) and 5-part (HumaCount 5L and the latest, HumaCount 5D) differential systems with specially developed and dedicated reagents suitable for human and veterinary applications. Controls and calibrators for all systems are available on a standing order scheme. For more details Click Here

HUMAN offers a unique ESR system (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) for small to medium sized labs. The use of primary EDTA tubes for ESR reading is cost efficient, since no ESR tube is necessary and offers the flexibility to run ERS tests at any time without the need for an extra blood collection.

  • Real erythrocyte sedimentation rate analyzer
  • Use of primary EDTA tubes - no consumables needed
  • Throughput: Up to 24 samples/h
  • Channels: 8 with integrated mixer
  • Unique sedimentation curve (outstandig accuracy, measure every 10 sec)
  • Excellent correlation to Westergren
  • Integrated barcode reader to identify sample ID
  • QC module with Levey-Jennigs-Diagram
  • Data storage of up to 5000 patient results
  • Touchscreen with intuitive user interface
  • LIS connectivity 

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HumaMeter Hbplus follows a unique concept combining ease of use and flexibility in application. This compact analyzer provides results using the AHD cyanide free reference method without calibration – wherever the patient is.